Saturday, October 13, 2007


For anyone who does not know, a pumpkin is really a "ball". Owen was excited when I brought this one home, as you can see by the way he is loving it...

Thursday, October 4, 2007

New Bedroom

As many of you know, Daniel, Owen and I have been recently blessed with a new home. We are still adjusting and definitely still unpacking (as I believe we will be for the next year or so....). I often wonder how we ever managed to fit all of our things in the house we lived in before. What I miss most about our old home is our neighbors. What I love most about our new home is that Owen has more space to play.

So the house we moved into was built in the 1980's. The family that we bought it from was really sweet but boy, they LOVED wallpaper! I'm not a big fan, so with the help of Christy (yes, you did get the whole thing started if I remember correctly), my sister, and of course my momma, we managed to get down all of the horrible wallpaper--little bitty flowers, Pepto pink paint and baby doll border--down. Thanks to mom who spent two of her vacation days sanding, washing, spackling, washing, sanding, spackling and washing again, then primig and painting and trimming....the room turned out really well! Here are a couple of before and after pics....

This room was the worst but for those who helped out...don't forget, there is a whole hallway of wallpaper! :)