Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Finally...A Christmas Blog

Hi all! I have been a terrible blogger. Owen has been sick recently, as have I and Daniel, so since the holidays, I've been focusing on getting everyone healthy. Now that we are, I am going to be more faithful with my blogging. We had an amazing Christmas. It was very fun for Owen this year. Last year he was so tiny he had no idea what was going on...this year was a different story! He learned quickly how to open presents (thanks to EVERYONE for all of the great gifts, by the way) and he loves all of his gifts. My wonderful hubby chose a great gift for me this Christmas (something I've been eyeing forever)--a video camera! So I was able to get all of Christmas 2007 on video!!! Unfortunately I have yet to be able to get that video onto this blog but I'm working on stay tuned!