Monday, September 29, 2008

The County Fair

This past weekend, Christy suggested that we take Owen to the County Fair. It was a GREAT idea! We sent Burt to walk in the woods and Daniel to fish on the lake, and we had a really good time. We had a free parking pass (thanks to my Momma) which made the day even better. Owen was so excited before we even got there, mainly about seeing the goats. He got to feed one, which he thought was fun and scary. He was not crazy about the camel or the horses. I think his favorite part was riding in the tractor/train. The driver was so nice and allowed Owen to get in the tractor for photos. As is to be expected, Christy got some great photos....

We will definitely go again next year!!!

Monday, September 1, 2008


Do you ever really stop to think about how you spend your weekends? Our typical weekend is a Friday night (and sometimes a Saturday night as well) eating and playing cards with our friends Burt and Christy--every now and then we get an extra person--this past weekend we had Joe, a friend of ours who works with Daniel. Joe was not available for photos. We drink ALOT of coffee, eat ALOT of oreos (or whatever the choice is for the week) and basically just laugh and have a good time. The thing I love about our weekends with friends like these is that they don't mind spending some time with Owen before he goes off to bed, at which point the card games begin. I got some FANTASTIC photos this weekend of Owen, Christy, Daniel and Burt. As you can see, we play dress-up and Owen gets to fix Christy's hair. I love these pics because they are honest, and I think they show the meaning of true friends and fun!

Nobody is immune from the cowboy hat!

Daniel--doing his Jacob the werewolf (Twilight reference, for those who don't know)

At the beauty shop