Friday, September 25, 2009

I took this week off of work to spend some time with Owen and even with all of the rain, it has been a wonderful week. Monday and Tuesday were full of rain, so we didn't do much. Still, I think Owen enjoyed being home with his toys and his favorite cartoons...we spent the day working puzzles and read ALOT of books since we were without power for part of the time. We were blessed that our home was not hurt by the rain. On Thursday, Granna took the day off to go with us to the Creative Discovery Museum. We took Owen last year, but I think he enjoyed it much more this time. We spent a good portion of that time in the "drum room." Friday the sun was shining so we took a trip to the playground. I kind of dread going back to work on Monday but I know Owen has to get back into his regular routine...still, it's been a FANTASTIC week off!

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